Thursday, November 4, 2010


It was raining last Sunday so i stayed at home and planned for a photoshoot for my 16th collection, when suddenly Ferdy, my husbands brother called me on my mobile phone. He asked me if Im open for an interview about my Online Store (PINCBOX THRIFTED), when i heard it, at first i thought it was just another joke, but then he handed the phone to his fellow staff and we started talking about the matter, so then i believed that he werent joking at all, LOL. So after we talked i hurriedly ran upstairs and panicked, hehehe. i didnt know what to do, what to wear and what to prepare. i remembered when i was watching videos of my fellow online sellers features on tv and it gave me an idea on what and how to prepare for a layout for the filming.

So i brought my hanger rack downstairs as well as all of my thrifted collections, i've arranged it near our window, luckily our wall has just been finished painting so it gave a nice background to my rack for the shooting ^_^, a moment later Ferdy and 2 of the GMA staff and reporter arrived. so we hurriedly prepared anything and finally the interview started.

Below are few behind the scene photos, please watch out for the whole story and interview on saturday nov. 6, 2010 7am on GMA ISYU KARON.

ENJOY! ^_^

On the left FERDY, far right ME and two of the GMA reporters on the center.
the two reporters with their thrifted goodies ^_^

vintage sling bags for my 16th collection

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ALAM MO YUNG PAASA? Yung tipong sweet sayo, sasabihan ka na gusto/mahal ka nila. Pero pag dumating yung time na GUSTO/MAHAL mo na sila, saka ka iiwan sa ere. ang sakit diba? :((

yep yep, agree on that :(

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Do you know PSEUDO-RELATIONSHIP? Have you experienced it?

nope, never heard of that really.

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