Sunday, May 13, 2012

Florals and Laces

What I love about the skort is because its florals and so comfy, I scored it from an Ukay shop near USJR school for less than 50 pesos. This skort is just so perfect for this one hot day.

The lace top Is also Ukay, I so love this lace top and it look so vintage. You wont believe that I got this top for only 10 pesos. What a steal! 

I used these flats to go with  my comfy look, I got these from So Fab! in a discounted price. What I love with these flats is its pastel color and I don't know why I love anything that's blue ^_^



Here's a photo archive of my latest Instagram photos.
all photos taken from my Iphone.

| Sugar skull and morning cigarette
| Summer bracelets
| At the supermarket with mah sister Anne and Bff Chad
| Another shot my my summer bracelets that I made for this coming Lifedance event.
| My right leg tattoo - Sanji
| Beads for accessory making
|  My Lifedance ticket
| My new shoes
| Kiss
| Picture stitch