Friday, December 23, 2011

Glam Rock Party 2011

Last December 14, 2011 we had our Glam Rock Christmas Party. It was super fun and we enjoyed the whole event. The hall was full of lovely ladies and gentlemen with their own unique gowns and outfits. Everyone was able to show their selves and that made the party so cool. The highlight of the party was when Qualfon's Lady gaga performed, her performance was a standing ovation.

The fun and the company was just so unforgettable, looking forward for next years party :D
Shown below are photos of me and my team (TEAM CHARDILICIOUS).

Me and chad

Warren the black angel 

Me and Juppette with our mask on.

Ms. Maria one of our  account supervisor with her sexy pose.

My things

Juppette, Chad, Ms. Maria and me.

Me and my brother Nestle

Right- My shoe (FOREVER 21), Left- Juppette's shoes (PARISIAN)

Candid shot : D

Goin home

See ya later guys : )