Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stressfull but fun day

Earlier today we celebrated my nephews 5th birthday in jollibee, all the invited guest were there early but the birthday celebrant came 2 hours late, the reason was because they were stock in a traffic jam and a block long line for the ferry boat when they were about to go to jollibee, today was also the fiesta of Berhin sa Regla in Opon a city in mactan island and they attended a mass there, but were also thankful that they made before the party ended.

So here are some photos that I've taken enjoy viewing ^_^

Blazer - thrifted
inner- corset,  thrifted
bottom- denim shorts, thrifted
Shoes - lacoste (had it from my sister ^_^)

 left Nestle my brother, Center Mel my lovely cousin and me at the right.

 Me at the left, center Ju my cousin and Mel at the right

 Me and my brother Nestle

Ju carrying Osh osh the birthday boy and me carrying my baby felicity

This day was very stressful but the fun and enjoyment were irreplaceable.
♥Happy Birthday langga Osh-Osh♥

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